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Post  Bowskie on Tue Dec 04, 2012 10:05 am

Nickname: Bowskie
Secret Society: Templar
Dimension: Cerberus

Gaming style: Been mostly interested in PvE so far in TSW, but that might be because I don't have the gear or knowledge to build a proper PvP deck yet.

Where are you from?: I'm from Norway, seems there are quite a few Norwegians here already.
Age?: I'm 20 years old.

Type of player: I'm quite casual. I've got all the free time in the world, but sadly I've got a health condition called graft versus host disease which prevents me from playing whenever I'd like to.
What role do you plan on playing: So far in TSW I've been mainly DPS, did some tanking in normal dungeons though.

Previous MMOs? WoW is the one i played the most. I've also played Aion(quit quite fast due to a grind feel to the game during the first 20 levels), Played Rift some but also not very much, think i got to about level 25 or 30, somewhere around there. Played SWToR for a month or two after the release, but didn't enjoy it much because of population issues and having to re-roll several times on the servers that had people at all.. Oh and i played Age of Conan for a very short while after the release, went back later but never really got that into it but i played approximately a month or so. The last MMO I've been playing was guild wars 2, which ended up having progressing gear stats even though otherwise was promised, which is why I don't feel its that much fun anymore. I don't mind the gear grind as long as its done properly and as long as its fun, but i simply don't think the GW2 developers can pull this off properly when the game is designed from the ground up to have no gear progression. I still play GW2 occasionally but its been getting less and less the past weeks. I just resubbed to TSW and hope that this will keep me entertained for a long time, initially i left TSW for GW2 because of no sub and not having to worry too much about getting new gear with upgraded stats every month, with the later no longer a factor I would say TSW is a far better game.

What days, and what hours do you normally play? I don't have work or school, currently not able to do either so i play when I feel ok enough to concentrate. I might not be able to join raids or nightmares sometimes even if I'm on, since I sometimes feel good enough to do something that doesn't require a lot on my part and where my failure wouldn't affect others, since when I'm playing in that state, i will be doing A LOT of mistakes which would affect the success of the group.

Are you able to attend mumble?: Yes, Already got mumble and a mic, mumble probably needs an update though as i haven't used it for a while.

Are you interested in doing raids?: Yes I am, whenever I'm in shape for it.

Anything else you would like us to know? I have unlocked Nightmares, but havent done any of them. Also I will be travelling a lot to Trondheim for an alternative treatment from late January, probably 2-3 days every week or so, might be every second week if the treatment turns out to be effective. This will probably result in me not being online for those days, unless i get a laptop to play this on. I might do that but not sure if I'll have enough money to spend on a laptop that can run this smoothly, maybe i get lucky for Christmas and get some money to put towards that.


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Bowskie's Application Empty Re: Bowskie's Application

Post  Leffix on Tue Dec 04, 2012 5:19 pm


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